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Hey loves, I am in Portugal since Thursday now and it has been such an incredible time until now! I met so many inspiring new people in our mastermind house, but also on the #DNXGlobal – but I will write about Lisbon and the Digital Nomad Conference in another post.

Today I just wanted to share some photos from our beach day at Caparica Beach yesterday. The beaches around Lisbon are so beautiful and quite empty because it’s already September and there are not many tourists here anymore! And I want to show you my newest obsession, the urban turbans from WAYOM. To be honest, I never wore turbans before Lorena, the lovely founder of WAYOM, asked me if I wanted to test out hers, and I’m just so glad that I said yes!

beach day with my ways turban

Lorena sent me the floral turban and babyblue turban 2 weeks ago, and it has not passed a day here in Portugal that I didn’t wear one of them! It’s just the perfect accessory whenever you want to pimp your outfit or just don’t want your hair in your face. I love to combine both of my turbans, and I will share more pictures on Instagram with the babyblue one.

But I also want to give you some more details about WAYOM. It’s a fashion start up founded and managed completely alone by Lorena, and she designs unique and limited collections. The floral turban I’m wearing right now for example is already completely sold out (sorry for that guys, I know it’s super beautiful)! But you can still get your own taupe or babyblue urban turban.

While the turbans are the flagship product of WAYOM, Lorena is working on a limited T-Shirt collection right now, and there will be only 100 shirts for men and 100 shirts for women, since Lorena wants them to be individual and outstanding.

I’m so excited for the next collections, since Lorena matches her turbans with fashion trends, and I hope there will be red turbans soon (my favorite color at the moment) and I’m already looking forward to winter turbans out of wool! The perfect thing to be cozy, warm and stylish at the same time.

By the way, if you are interested in the latest fashion trends, check out Lorena’s blog WCUT to stay up to date! As you can see, I love the idea of WAYOM, and I want to support it.

If you want your own stylish urban turban, I figured out something super cool for you! Just check out my Instagram post to win a turban and a shoutout by me:

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